Who I am

I introduce myself, I’m Donatella and I define myself as a citizen of the world and a vagabond by profession.

I was born in Lavagna on July 20, 1969, and perhaps the day man set foot on the moon influenced my “living in orbit”…

I grew up in Sestri Levante where as a child I developed my passion for travel, a passion that was the driving force that gave birth to a love for hospitality, for knowledge of languages, for photography, for everything it is creative and bearer of positive vibes.


How 29b was born

The intense and varied experiences lived in the human, social, working fields and the numerous trips have contributed to forming and maturing my personal research which in the end led me to choose Africa as a place of the heart on an equal footing with Liguria.

Our accommodation was born from the passion for travel, for discovery, for photography and for explorations, which have always characterized our hospitality. We have always been curious and eager to discover new cultures, new landscapes both in Italy and abroad.